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Our Story

The future has a way of arriving unannounced. ~ George Will

Boulder View Capital was established to serve a select group of clients, and to do so in a different way than most advisory firms. 

Boulder View Capital is intentionally:

  • Focused on a fairly small set of clients
  • Charging lower and fully-transparent fees
  • Communicating clearly to help clients gain understanding and comfort, not be lost in a sea of jargon and complexity

Providing smart financial planning and implementation of that plan is our goal. We deliver our recommendations as a fiduciary, communicating simply with understandable concepts and explanatory graphics and visuals.

Think progress, not perfection. ~ Ryan Holiday

Working together, we will help you to develop a custom tailored plan; we can provide a comprehensive set of bundled services including planning, budgeting and spending, portfolio implementation, and coordination with other tax, legal and accounting advisors. Our services are delivered with integrity, clarity and simplicity not just because it is our fiduciary obligation to do so, but also because we care about our clients as people. Our clients’ financial health and well-being is our firm’s reason for being.

In pursuit of your financial goals, we bring to bear more than 35 years’ experience in investment management and financial planning, retirement plans, employee benefits, insurance and risk management. We are dedicated to providing professional and objective financial advice to individuals and couples as an independent, fee-only fiduciary, sworn to act only in your best interest at all times.

It is our privilege to serve clients who are often at or approaching points of major life transition: retirement, divorce, death of a spouse, college funding, receipt of an inheritance, or simply those who want to rest easy, knowing they are following a comprehensive financial plan.

Keep reading to learn more about our founders.