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Comprehensive Approach

There is no short cut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation - veneer isn't worth anything.~ George Washington Carver

At Boulder View, we help you take a comprehensive and strategic view of your financial picture. We will treat your assets, personal information, aspirations and values as carefully as we do our own.

BVC’s Comprehensive Approach in 3 Clear Steps:


Discuss the current state of your total financial picture, and jointly set priorities to assess the planning areas shown below, or others that we may determine


Propose a set of recommendations to advance your progress each area


Work with you and other advisors to implement the recommendations

Everyone has different priorities.
We can help you with any or all of the following services:

Benefits to Boulder View’s Approach

Organization – gather, organize and understand the full range of your financial circumstances from income to expenses and net cash flow, your personal balance sheet, investment portfolio and expected retirement benefits.

Objectivity – money and finances can often be a deeply emotional subject and we will bring to bear the benefits of decades of experience, to help you avoid emotionally-charged decisions.

Proactivity – we will help you take the long view toward your financial life, and anticipate as best as possible, events and transitions of life.

Accountability – we will help you follow through on your financial commitments, set priorities, provide alternative paths to consider, and regularly review your progress toward your goals.

Partnership – we are here to support you in pursuit of your financial goals and life dreams, by being a trusted advisor, to whom you can turn for advice and guidance.