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Ideal Client Profile

Fix your eyes forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change.
~ Tom Clancy

Our clients are generally in need of professional financial advice and likely at or near a major life transition point.  We specialize in helping mature couples, elders, widowed and divorced individuals who are not (and do not want to be) financial experts, but who do:

  • Recognize the benefits of a planning-based approach (clarity, flexibility, resilience) in the pursuit of financial objectives
  • Wish to delegate to and work with an experienced financial professional, to address issues and challenges arising from retirement, the declining health of a spouse, a special needs child, college funding, inheritance, and estate planning and legacy

Boulder View Capital acts as a fiduciary to its clients. Our business is our clients. As a fiduciary, we owe you a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. In short, we put your interests first. Always.

The following principles guide and govern the management of our firm and our relationship with each client:

Integrity – As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to act in your best interests at all times and to exercise the highest degree of care and good faith in the management of your assets and in our relationship with you.

Independence – As an independent registered investment adviser, we are not tied to or obligated to use investments from any particular firm or family of funds.  We are compensated for our advice only by clients (this is often referred to as “fee-only”) and we are not compensated in any way for using particular products.  For the safety and security of your assets, we use an independent, recognized third party custodian.

Transparency – We strive for complete clarity with our clients. This includes fully disclosing fees and total costs, portfolio risks, the rationale for portfolio structure and holdings, and how the Financial Roadmap supports each client’s unique goals and circumstances.

Stewardship – We believe rendering sound and appropriate investment advice to help clients pursue and achieve financial goals is a high calling, worthy of diligent, careful and responsible management of the assets and aspirations our clients entrust to us.